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I believe that if you truly nurture the inside of the body, the outside will flourish. You are what you eat, what you surround yourself with, the words you speak and hear.

It all maters. It's all aligned, 

and B A L A N C E is everything.


In this realm of life, we are all experiencing different paths. Let's be real, its not always easy to "do right", and let alone face the traumas and release the pain. I truly believe we don't fully heal until we leave this place, but to me life is better letting go of what no longer serves you, versus holding on and letting it eat you alive... literally.


About 8 years ago I myself found a desire to live a healthier more balanced lifestyle. Prior to those 8 years, well let me not be hypocritical of anyone. The toxicity in my life internally and externally was at its max. It's been a roller coaster ride jumping on the healing train, and it still is. Toxicity is all around us along with temptations, but so is beauty and pureness.

It's a matter of perspective, how much you truly love yourself, and how tired you are of being sick mentally, and or physically.

Hard lesson:

The only person you can change is yourself!

With me falling more in love with myself and healing, I have became very passionate in assisting others on their own individual healing journey through the means of skincare, body healing, trauma release, breath work, energy work, womb healing, and plant medicines. 

I have been a licensed esthetician for over 15 years. Growing up and becoming licensed in Indianapolis, Indiana, moving to and working multiple types of spa jobs in Atlanta, Georgia, to owning a successful organic skincare and hair removal business in Dallas, Texas. I now find myself here in Tampa, Florida, in the chase of my future jungle life. Nature is the source to me. I need it. Hell, we all need it!

I am a creator.

I am a healer.

I am a goddess. 

I own a sugaring hair removal company and offer sugaring training. 

I own an organic cbd skincare line that I hand make and bottle myself.

I am a mother of 2, with my 3rd being my angel watching over us.

RIP baby KANE KYREE we love you. 

I am a huge truth seeker and believe knowledge is power.

I love to share what I find so stay tuned. 

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