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The body sugaring method of hair removal is originally considered to be an ancient Egyptian art; even used by Cleopatra herself. Originally made by the use of sugar, water, and lemon, this was considered to be the most effective and natural way of removing body hair. 


Rumors circulate around the internet suggesting that women have only been removing hair from their legs for the last hundred years or so, however, that may only be true for American and European women. However, in ancient Egypt, Greece, and Middle Eastern countries, removing body hair was incredibly important. In many ways it was a sign of royalty. Total removal of body-hair was customary for both men and women in ancient Egypt. Many men and women also preferred to shave their heads bald, replacing their natural hair with a wig. Some would have head pieces made of gold and such to wear on top of their now hair free heads. Even having hair down under was considered uncivilized by most Egyptian, Greek, and Middle Eastern standards.

Being that sugar is 100% natural let’s discuss more..

The definition of natural is “ingredients that come from nature.” Sugar paste is so natural its edible! Being water-soluble is one of the greatest benefits to sugaring. All you’ll ever need to clean up sugar, whether it’s on the floor, clothes, table, is a damp cloth or paper towel.

Wax can't do that. Once it's on, it's pretty much on.





Sugaring will never tear or burn the skin.

The skin is made up of epidermal cells and dermal cells. The epidermal layer is dry, the dermal layer, moist.

Since sugar cannot stick to anything wet, it cannot ever tear the skin, making it one of biggest differences between conventional methods of hair removal.

What sugar will do, is exfoliate the dry skin layer giving the method one more great benefit. 

How is it done?...The sugar ball is applied in the opposite direction of hair growth, and removed with the direction of growth. Wax pulls opposite direction. Often this can create breakage of hair follicles under the skin, thus creating faster return of growth and or ingrown hairs. Sugar use gets a direct pull. 

Although ANY form of hair removal does hurt, sugar paste is often said to be a bit less painful. Since it does not adhere to the skin, there is less irritation upon removal and the redness subdues much faster. Wax does adhere to the skin, thus taking off a bit more than just the dead skin and hair. This is often why there is more of a burning sensation upon removal of wax and redness lingering a lot longer. 

Often many darker skin clients begin to notice lightening of the skin from switching to sugaring. Since wax adhere to the skin and takes a thin layer off the skin is constantly having to heal itself. Darker skin heals by increasing pigmentation in the area. (Making it darker) Melanin is actually a amazing form of protection, however most don't want to have an uneven complexion.

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